Home Furniture Services

Inherit a distressed dining table from a relative? Have home furnishings that have been water damaged? Have a pet that has scratched or chewed on your wood furniture? Do you have wood paneling that is dull and worn?

Jean-Jacques Bernard has expertise in home furniture services to its original luster and beauty. We handle all types of home furnishings, including living room furniture, dining room furniture, bedroom furniture and kitchen furniture. We repair broken furniture, restore and refinish furniture to it’s original beauty, reupholster furniture, handle architectural millwork and design & create custom furniture.

Request the home furniture repair & restoration services of Jean-Jacques Bernard to breath new life into your valuable furniture.

Home Furniture Services We Specialize In…

Home Furniture Repair

Furniture Repair Services

Don’t let a broken piece of furniture get you down. Let Jean-Jacques Bernard make that broken furniture brand new.

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Home Furniture Restoration

Refinishing & Restoration

Have a piece of furniture that looks tired or dull? Let Jean-Jacques work his magic to restore it to its original look & luster.

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Home Furniture Reupholstery

Furniture Reupholstering

Chair seat have a nasty tear? Or just looking to change the look of a room. Give your furniture new life with a furniture reupholstering.

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Architectural Millwork

Architectural Millwork

Architectural elements can add flair to the design of your home or room. Let Jean-Jacques show you.

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Furniture Design

Furniture Design

Can’t find what you’re looking for in a furniture store or need a unique piece? Jean-Jacques can custom create it for you.

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