Furniture Services

Restore your home furniture or office furniture to its original beauty and value with the furniture restoration services of Jean-Jacques Bernard. We also handle insurance & moving claims with total professionalism and efficiency. We’ve been providing expert furniture restoration services to Chicagoland and beyond since 1985.

Home Furniture Repair

Home Furniture Repair & Restoration

Inherited a dining table from a relative? Have a chair with a broken leg? Have a dresser with a finish that is showing its age or no longer goes with the decor of your home? Contact Jean-Jacques Bernard to have your home furniture transformed into a thing of beauty & pride.

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Home Furniture Repair

Commercial Furniture Repair & Restoration

Does your commercial property look beaten up? Are your doors, wood paneling, elevators and furniture like chairs or conference tables worn, dinged, scraped and in poor repair? Contact Jean-Jacques Bernard to have your commercial property look restored.

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Insurance Claims

Insurance Claims – Repair & Restoration

We resolve insurance claims and moving claims quickly & economically. We’ll inspect the damage and provide an appraisal and value determination for all damaged items. This includes transit related damage and property related damage.

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